The various markets throughout Taiwan are normally a hive of activity — crowds throng the narrow lanes between stalls buying treats, daily essentials, wholesale goods; vendors holler prices out over the general murmur of customer chatter, refrigerator compressors and the drone of passing scooters.

But what happens when it’s all over? What goes on between the rush of chaotic commerce that punctuates one day from the next? This series focusses on these after-hours, the brief spells of quiet and darkness before another days trade kicks off again.

View down the dark street of a covered market with lone man lounging on a stall
Lone woman preparing meat on the solely illuminated cart in a dark market
Market stall paraphernalia in empty stall lit by flourescent lighting
Dried flowers hanging from the roof within a covered market
Poster of musicians and balloons in empty market stall
Menus affixed to a rusted stall shutter that have been scrawled over with phone numbers
View of empty market stalls down in lane in a covered market
Lone store trader in market aisle illuminated on both sides by harsh lighting
A claw machine arcade illuminating a dark corner of a market at night
View of empty market stalls in a covered market
Looking down the lane of a covered market with various with tiles stalls on either side and country flags strung up on the pillars
An oblique view of an empty market stall with various paraphernalia (bells, a calendar, newspapers .etc) hanging from the roof.
A ceiling light and security camera under a tin roof, covered in cobwebs
Vegetable store apparatus within an empty market store
View down a street outside the market lined with stalls and apparatus with tall residential building looming in distance