Lost Property

The scattered remains of countless abandoned farmsteads pepper the arterial valleys and undulating hills that constitute the Yorkshire Dales National Park in Northern England. The remains of a golden age of agriculture long since passed into memory.

The result of countless hours studying historic Ordnance Survey maps and field trips in all weather and seasons, This ongoing work looks at what remains, from the barely recognisable limestone carcasses that litter the remote regions of the fells, to those closer to civilisation more able to adequately withstand the passage of time, though still uninhabited and liable to ruin.

Lone farmhouse on moor with fog in the background
Ruined farmhouse with tree growing within it and valley in the background
Fireplace and window inside a ruined house
A ruined farmstead on a remote stretch of moorland
Shafts of sunlight illuminating a roof truss affixed to a crumbling plaster wall
A dilapidated cooking range within a ruined farmhouse next to window with views to distant hills
Distant view of lone farmhouse on isolated stretch of moorland
View of derelict farmhouse with desolate moorland in background
View of derelict farmhouse in trough of valley in winter frost
View of window from within kitchen of an abandoned house
Boarded-up window and fireplace within abandoned farmhouse
Derelict farmhouse with bare hawthorne tree in front
Narrow winding drystone-wall lined lane with barn in near distance and rolling hills in far distance
View up lane towards ruined farmhouse and adjacent wooden chapel
Interior view from tiny wooden ruined chapel