Welsh Blue II

A continuation of the journey started in Welsh Blue, pressing on through the sprawling slate landscapes of North Wales.

A view of a tree-covered hillside with the scars of former slate workings clearly visible
Looking down upon a rusted crane within a wooded gully
Sunlight spilling onto spoil heap from within a small slate chamber.
Wedge of sunlight highlighting striation on the walls of a slate chamber
A distant view of a large, ruined quarry building with vast landscape stretching out in distance
Windows and chimney of a long-ruined quarry building
Ruined table incline of slate tramway amidst large slate spoil heaps
Lush green plant growing among a jagged pile of slate spoil
Large, partially ruined quarry buildings taken at oblique angle
An old slate cutting station withing a derelict workshop
An slate planing machine withing a derelict workshop
A rusty flywheel on the ground amidst greenery within a derelict workshop
Rusted machinery within a derelict workshop
Old worker graffiti on the walls of a former slate workshop
A tunnel with minecart tracks within a large slate cavern
A view from within a large inclined underground tunnel looking up to daylight